Nameoki Township
The Highway Department does a large item pick-up
program to give homeowners a way to dispose of large
items. The pick-up is in April.

This year's date is April 4th through April 8th.

Generally, items should be out no later than 8:00 am
on the Monday of pick-up week.  The crew will come by
to pick up your items sometime during the week.

Due to the volume of items to be picked up, we cannot
give a specific time or day for the pick-up in your area.

If you would like to receive a reminder email when the
pick-up is scheduled, please email:

with "Large Item Pick-Up" in the subject line, and we
will alert you in advance of the pick-up dates.
Items acceptable for pick up
Old furniture
Rugs/Carpet rolled at 5' lengths up to 12"
Bundled wood and scrap metal
Old doors and windows
Sinks and toilets
All small items must be boxed or bagged

Items we cannot pick up
No food waste or plant debris
No rocks, dirt or concrete
No tires or auto parts
No televisions or computer monitors
No hazardous waste

Thank you for your cooperation!
Nameoki Township Granite City Pontoon Beach